Final sheets of gift wrap all printed!

Working on stamps for our upcoming pie boxes.

We had the best meal ever at Punk Wok this past week ~ SO good!

BBQ your eggplant! Beatrice is my favorite.

Although we’ve been occupying our humble bakery space for a while now I just signed a lease today!!! Celebrating with some gelato!

We’ve locked in our Sweet Potato Pie! Now we can start experimenting with other kinds and styles to complete our Holiday offerings.

First Tomato Sandwich of the year. Time to start buying mayonnaise in bulk.

Farming all day is pretty physically exhausting. Ok, I take that back. Farming all day is positively draining on almost every level. Sometimes when I get home I like to unwind by making a nice desert. Today I chose Clafoutis because repeating the word Clafoutis over and over was fun.

Nice dumping tutorial from Patrick O’Cain yesterday~ great way to pass the time while the bread proofs and the oven temperate regulates.
Quick Dumpling Party:
1,000 grams flour (we used pastry flour from Carolina Ground) 450 grams water // mix by hand // stiff dough // let rest for 20 minutes // roll to 1/16 of an inch or use a pasta maker to roll out // cut into medium circles (think large cookie shape) // fill with fun ingredients of your choice (we used freshly ground pork & spices) // crimp edges together // freeze// boil 5 to 8 minutes // gobble